The cast being adorkable while asked about the bromance.

Mat Vairo, Spring Awakening LA closing night party, 2012

Since the color palette edits are so popular on tumblr right now, I made this one color palette photoset of our show. And hey, welcome to the shitty lighting world of Revolution ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

Anonymous: "I'm going to the States on Thursday! Unfortunately not in Texas, just Florida. But can I still wish I'll cross Billy or David on the street? XD #delusional {T.h.a.}"

Hi!! How are you these days? Been better?<3

I think probably David’s back to Aussie since Season 2’s already wrapped up? But anyways, you can:)) Hope you have a great time there, friend!

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Or maybe I know you better than you know yourself.

Anonymous: "does mat vairo have instagram?"

I don’t think he has instagram. He doesn’t have any kind of social network page for now.

Maybe I’ll make you an ashtray for Father’s Day.

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