Bass and Rachel, Revolution 2x19 Shit Happens

Miles and Charlie, Revolution 2x19 Shit Happens.

Bass and Connor, Revolution 2x19 Shit Happens

Anonymous: "aww thanks for the art. I love that scene from the first section.. and Miles and Bass of course! Btw I'm ok myself I'm just extra sad for two of my friends who are both quite sick.. ya know, feeling powerless to help is hard :( thanks again {T.h.a}"

Glad you do!! That’s my favorite scene too!

Aw, sorry to hear about your friends *hugs* I know it could be hard:( Just try to stay positive, for them and also for yourself! Wish they get better soon!

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If this isn’t the kingdom then I don’t know what is.

For tackle hug anon

Anonymous: "Billy Burke's profile = UNF. So much is right with him... perfect mix of manly and delicate features."

Totally agree with you. His profile is absolutely perfect for a man. And have you ever noticed his hands? They’re so damn gorgeous.

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Anonymous: "it's T.h.a. in serious need of some cheering up, I was wondering if you could make some M&M art for me.. uhm.. I will love any kind really, although it would be neat if you could do something that involves the italian flag colors.. white, dark red, and dark green... whenever you feel inspired I don't mean right now of course <3"

Of course! Kinda in the mood of graphics today so yeah I’ll try to make some for you:) I hope everything’s okay with you<3

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Cred ♥